The scholarship committee of the University Women’s Club (Toronto) Foundation is responsible for developing relationships with target schools in the Toronto District School Board to identify candidates in need of financial support for post-secondary education.


The University Women’s Club of Toronto will be presenting scholarships to the 2019 recipients at a reception on June 24, 2019.

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2018 scholarship recipients

The UWC Toronto is presently giving financial aid to two students from Iqaluit, Baffin Island. We have committed to helping these girls for each year that they are in post-secondary education.

Emily Ann Niego is majoring in Aboriginal Studies, as part of a general arts and science program, at Algonquin College in Ottawa. She is planning to continue next year in the second year program or go back to Nunavut and study Inuit Studies with Nunavut Arctic College.

Anna Lambe is working towards a Bachelor of International Development and Globalization Coop Program at the University of Ottawa.

Emily Ann Niego

Emily Ann Niego

Anna Lamb

Anna Lamb

Residence award

The UWC Toronto is providing financial assistance, by covering residence fees at Innis College, to a young woman from a background of need.

Jane & Susan present a cheque to Innis College Principal Charlie Keil & Ennis Blentic

Jane & Susan present a cheque to Innis College Principal Charlie Keil & Ennis Blentic


Our recipient for the 2018-2019 school year is Katherine Yang. Katherine won an entrance scholarship to the University of Toronto, and our residence award.  She graduated from A.Y. Jackson Collegiate Institute in North York, and is studying business at U of T.

UWC (Toronto) Foundation Board

Marianne Anderson, President UWC (Toronto) Foundation

Marianne Anderson, President UWC (Toronto) Foundation

The board members of the UWC Toronto Foundation are

  • Marianne Anderson, President

  • Talisha Ramsaroop Vice-Pres

  • Kathy Nolan-Garner, Treasurer 

  • Penny Vincent, Secretary

  • Doris Geddes, Director

  • Susan Freeman, Director  

    Additional UWC members are invited to contribute to the work of the Foundation as members of the UWC Charitable Activities Committee.

past activities

UWC’s annual donation to the Heritage Fund for scholarships has been approximately $30,000.  Further donations have been made by the UWC to Iqaluit students, Indspire, Sistering, Innis College and Romero House from the Board’s discretionary fund, fundraising and the charitable activities work.

In the past, the Heritage Fund was responsible for the distribution of UWC and its members’ donations to scholarship recipients. The Heritage Fund, represented by UWC members Deborah Maw, Mary Sauriol and Glad Bryce and former UWC member Heather Pearce, made a decision in February 2018 to wind down over the next two years.  Heritage Fund plans for the dispersal of the remaining scholarship money, held in their trust, are unavailable.  

In November 2017 the UWC gave the Heritage Fund $30,000, some part of which has been used for the undergraduate scholarships and awards of $1000 - $2000 to high school graduates, college and university students.  As well, the Heritage Fund donated $10,000 to the Mary Sauriol post graduate prize in Physiotherapy in 2018.