Our Team

The University Women’s Club of Toronto is managed by a voluntary board of directors elected by the membership.

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Board of Directors

Back row, left to right: Ellen Thompson, Co-Director Communications; Jo-Lynne Sutherland, Co-Director Communications; Marianne Anderson, Charitable Activities Director; Ruth Matheson, Program Director; Carmie Drumm, Secretary; Rosemary Hales, Special Events Director; Wendy McCallum, Director without Portfolio. 

Front row, left to right: Kathy Nolan-Garner, Treasurer; Susan Freeman, President; Jane Hamer, Vice-President; Judith Lewis, Past President.

Past Presidents

The present board and all our members gratefully appreciate and recognize the vision, commitment and hard work of all the amazing trail blazers before us!

A plaque listing the names of all the Past Presidents from 1903 to 2017 now hangs in the Faculty Club.