Letters of Thanks

Received from Emily Ann and Anna in late 2018.

Emily Ann Niego.png

Hello Susan, 

My term and studies are going fantastic! Iā€™m really enjoying what I am learning. This year I went into a different field of study. This year I am taking General Arts and Science - Aboriginal Studies. I have already learned so much and just finished some mid-term exams and tests. I am looking forward to using my knowledge to better my community in the future.  

What is different this year is that I have a ton of opportunities to get to know my classmates, which makes me more comfortable in college. As a class we have gone camping, had a picnic, get-together dinners. Last year was tough on me, including the strike. This year is a new beginning as I get to gain knowledge and see what my future holds. 

Thank you for all the support you all have given me and continue to do so.

Thank you,

- Emily Ann Niego

Anna Lambe.png

Hi Susan, 

University has been great so far. I have done a few trips since coming here, attending screenings of a movie I was a part of called The Grizzlies in Toronto and in Montreal. I am currently doing well in all of my classes and the adjustment has been fairly easy in comparison to what I was expecting when I left home! 

Next week I will be flying back up to Iqaluit to speak at a YWCA: Power of Being a Girl conference, which I am greatly looking forward to as well. I have also been contacted by another university professor in Ontario to speak to students about the Inuksuk High School lunch program I helped implement last year and food security in the north.

Overall university has been very successful, I have met many lovely people, and I have had the opportunity to go above and beyond expectations for myself. 

I would just like to mention that I am very grateful for this scholarship you have given me as it has been a tremendous help in easing the stress of the cost of university and has truly made the transition much smoother from Iqaluit to Ottawa. 

Thank you once again, 

- Anna Lambe