The University Women's Club of Toronto providing opportunities for the growth and advancement of women

About Us

About-Us-leftThe University Women’s Club of Toronto, the very first UWC in Canada, was formed in 1903 to provide opportunities for growth and advancement of women through the pursuit of intellectual, cultural and social interests. We celebrate diversity and welcome all female graduates from any University or College worldwide, as well as professional women who share our interests, and female students enrolled in fulltime academic studies towards a degree. Our members enjoy book groups, music appreciation, bridge games, speaker luncheons and dinners and we encourage them to start their own interests groups, all within the finely appointed University of Toronto Faculty Club, where UWC members benefit from co-membership with the Faculty Club.


The University Women’s Club of Toronto is housed in the Faculty Club of the University of Toronto. This beautiful building is a wonderful facility with finely appointed dining rooms, a lovely lounge with grand piano, a delightful pub and patio, lecture and meeting rooms. Dining at the Faculty Club is a gourmet experience. There is also an excellent wine selection. The Faculty Club speakers’ series includes lunch or dinner.

Affiliation with:

The Faculty Club

Board of Directors

Back row, left to right: Corinne Murray, Program Director; Deborah Maw, Heritage Fund President; Barbara Falby, CFUW Delegate; Jo-Lynne Sutherland, Communications Director; Rosemary Hales, Special Events Director
Front row, left to right: Merle Amodeo, Secretary; Susan Freeman, President; Jane Hamer, Vice-President; Nancy Lunney, Treasurer

Past President, Judith Lewis