The University Women's Club of Toronto envisioning, engaging, empowering


Join us at the University Women's Club of Toronto. We are the very first University Women's Club in Canada, formed in 1903. We are so very proud of our storied history and are a vital, active group today. We provide opportunities for the growth and advancement of women through the pursuit of intellectual, cultural and social interests. We celebrate diversity and welcome all female graduates from any University or College worldwide, as well as professional women who share our interests and female students enrolled in fulltime academic studies towards a degree. Our members enjoy a wide range of activities: bridge, book groups, music appreciation, speaker luncheons and dinners, discussion groups, cultural lectures and outings, afternoons at the symphony. See a more detailed description of each of the activities under their specific headings.

Our Mission

Through the University Women's Club of Toronto Heritage Fund, scholarships and Bursaries are awarded annually to support women's post secondary education. A charitable organization, the University Women's Club of Toronto Heritage Fund is dedicated to providing HOPE for women.

H= Helps through financial support
O= Opens doors through education
P= Promotes opportunities
E= Encouraging excellence and pursuit of dreams

If you would like to make a tax deductable donation to the Heritage Fund, click HOPE below